Another milestone 

Yesterday was my last 6-month post-cancer checkup. From now on, my plan is to just visit my family doctor once a year. 

It was an uneventful visit. She did look at me a bit sideways when I said I’d lost 35 lbs. I reassured her that it was planned.  The losing part, not the gaining part, following my previous visit for my annual checkup. 

She asked me if I were happy to end that part of my cancer experience.  And I assured her I was. But now I’m helping a friend with her diagnosis. 

It is a big step though.  I hope I can drive down life’s highway and don’t have to see cancer in the back seat again. I’ll still check the mirrors every once in a while, just to be safe. But life is too short to not enjoy the view around me and to look forward to what’s around the bend.

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It’s that time of year when pink adorns windows and products in the retail world. The annual Run for the Cure has already taken place here.

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Lose it!

I don’t normally like to brag. But I’m going to. When I had my annual physical back in April, I was mortified when I got on the scales at 162 lbs. For a 5 ft. 5 in. frame, I knew it was too much weight. And I know being overweight puts you at risk for a lot of things, including cancer. My previous maximum was 158 in my 20s. I have  had yoyoing weight my whole life. But I eventually got down to 105. This time my goal was to get to 140, just below my maximum healthy BMI.

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What’s worse than cancer?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve missed my cancerversary. That was April 29, 2010. So six years since diagnosis and life is good.

I’ve been busy. And for the most part healthy. Apart from the four bumps to the head in six weeks. The last one put an early end to the skiing part of holidays, but no concussion so I can’t complain. Continue reading

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2015 in review

The WordPress stats monkeys sent me my annual report of this blog. And then I realized just how few posts  (only three) I had written this year.

So let me set the record straight. I am alive. I am living my life. No evidence of the cancer returning. I suppose I am living the new normal. I haven’t been to the cancer centre in a few years. I have yearly mammograms on my left breast. Continue reading

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Welcome to breast cancer month

Well, it’s already October 5th. I hadn’t even realized the month had changed, but I suppose that happens to a lot of retired people. And  people with memory issues like my Dad.

I like wearing pink. It looks good on me. But I hate seeing all the pink during breast cancer month. And seeing all the “booby” signs. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s important we continue to do research. But I strongly disagree with raising awareness in this country. I think we all know about breast cancer, we just don’t think we’re going to get it. Continue reading

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Look for the humour in stressful situations

Since my last real post at the beginning of December, I’ve been seeing a lot of my father. I act as his chauffeur and part-time chef. I invite him over for a weekend meal, and send him home with meals for the week.

It’s been challenging because his memory has really deteriorated. At least he is admitting to memory problems. Like an alcoholic, that’s the first step. He has even agreed that it’s time to move to a retirement residence. Continue reading

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