Day 5 after chemo

While yesterday’s trip to Montreal was fun, it wasn’t without its pitfalls. We stopped at Ikea on the outskirts to pick up storage boxes for our new foyer. I was also hoping to get more Jabbas (a nifty little carousel for small laundry items) but it seems they’re discontinued now.

I should warn you before you click on the read more, that this post may gross you out.

From there, we made our to Reubens on Ste. Catherines Street. I knew hubby would have the one-pounder of smoked meat, and I was actually feeling hungry so I opted for the Reuben,  smoked meat, covered with a thick gooey slice of Swiss cheese, Reuben’s special sauce and sauerkraut. Very yummy.

But I learned a valuable lesson: greasy food post-chemo = too many trips to the toilet and dehydration. Thankfully it didn’t start until after we had reached home.

But it was a very painful night for my sore tush. After each trip, I would drink two large glasses of water. About an hour or so later, wham! it came back again.

Hubby said he’d never heard me snore like I did last night. I guess my body was hard hit and trying to recover. I woke up really tired this morning and plan to take it easy today.

So far so good on the liquids front. If it comes back again, I’ll get in touch with my PDN (patient designated nurse).

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